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About the Institute of Mechanics

The Institute of Mechanics founded in 1959 is a structural department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. It was conceived as scientific organization that would unite different laboratories (primarily, in aerospace, strength, stability, navigation, and control area), facilities for experimental work and for training students.

Institute of Mechanics is one of the leading research centers in mechanics and unique experimental base in the system of the higher education of Russia.

Scientific staff of the Institute comprises 6 Members and 2 Corresponding Members of RAS, 156 researchers with PhD, including professors and associate professors, over 30 members of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and other scientific academies, including foreign national academies.

Institute of Mechanics performs scientific research and academic program in all basic areas of the modern mechanics. The Science Council of the Institute defined the following 15 perspective directions of investigations:

  • Hydrodynamics of high-speed and unsteady processes,
  • Stability of hydrodynamic flows and turbulence,
  • Mechanics of media interacting with electric and magnetic fields,
  • Motion of continua with physical and chemical transformations,
  • Gas dynamics and heat exchange,
  • Mechanics of natural processes,
  • Biomechanics,
  • Dynamic impacts upon continua and constructions,
  • Mechanics of elastoplastic continua and constructions,
  • Creep, long-term and high-temperature strength of materials and construction elements,
  • Mechanics of multicomponent and multiphase continua,
  • Motion control of mobile robots and mechatronic systems,
  • Dynamics of rigid body interacting with resisting medium,
  • Methods of qualitative analysis, estimation and control of non-linear mechanical systems,
  • Telecommunication and data-processing technologies in mechanics.

    Our Institute carries out interdisiplinary projects with many departments of LMSU:

    Institute of Mechanics is strongly involved in educational process. Researchers hold lectures and workshops, and carry out scientific supervision. Students from different departments of LMSU and from other Russian and foreign universities perform practical works in various areas of mechanics using facilities of our Institute.