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XII Summer School is dedicated to the 105 anniversary of the first passenger airplane. The School will take place 02 July - 10 August 2018

Abstracts Summer School dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Sputnik-1 "COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES OF ENGINEERING MECHANICAL PROBLEMS"-2017


Program XI Summer School "COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES OF ENGINEERING MECHANICAL PROBLEMS" (Moscow, 27.06.201721.07.2017)

Data Time Place Topic Lecturer
27.06 14:00 118 Dynamical deformations of a rod (lecture+demonstration) Mossakovskiy P.A.
15:00 -18 Transverse impact on tensile thread (lecture+experiment) Zubkov A.F.
28.06 11:00 Hydrochannel Testing of a wave-engine for a model of a pilot boat. (lecture+demonstration) Chikarenko V.G., Eroshin V.., Arhangelskiy V.
13:30 erotube Double-link aerodynamic pendulum Mesnyankin S.Y., Seliutskiy Y.D., Holub A.P.
29.06 11:00 301 Kinematical and dynamical modeling of motion of a three-wheeled vehicle taking into account possibility of skidding. Part 1. (lecture) NRU MEI: Kobrin .I.
14:00 Aerotube Subsonic airflow around a wing (lecture+experiment) Mesnyankin S.Y., Mesniankin .S.
30.06 11:00 Hydrotube Hydrodynamic tube Ivanov ., Ponomarev ., Vedeneev V.V.
13:00 301 Introduction to the problem of motion of a body in a medium. Part 2 (lecture) NRU MEI: Kobrin A.I.
16:00 301 Brachistochrone: from the beginning nowadays. Part 1 Cherkasov .Y.
03.07 14:00 301 Dynamic of double-link pendulum Masterova ..
15:00 301 Brachistochrone: from the beginning nowadays. Part 2 Zarodnyuk .V.
04.07 11:00 112/-19 Demonstration of a Mach cone in a supersonic aerodynamic tunnel. Wind flow around a porous blade (lecture+experiment) Popovich S.S., Vinogradov Y.., Strongin ..
12:00 120 Stretching of rubber Chistakov P.V.
15:00 -18 Transverse vibrations of a beam (lecture+experiment+practicum) Zubkov .F.
05.07 10:30 120 Superelastic of titan Chistakov P.V.
13:00 301 Experimental study of a single-rotor Darrieus wind turbine Klimina L..
14:00 301 Specifics of experimental study of an aerodynamic pendulum in a steady wind flow Holub .P.
07.07 11:00 301 Stabilization of the pendulum's upper equilibrium position by means of a flywheel Formalskiy ..
10.07 13:00 301 Research of the possibility of analyzing of lungs biomechanics FOR USE IN CLINICAL PRACTICE Makevnina V.V.
14:00 301 Wind tube - history and evolution Shalimova .S.
15:00 301 Trapped power coefficient of a counter-rotating Darrieus wind turbine Klimina L.., Shalimova .S.
11.07 14:30 107 Optical methods in aerodynamics. Tepler device Zybkov .F.
12.07. 11:00 301 Mechanics of destruction Zezin Y.P.
12:00 111 Spherical Kuett flow (lecture+experiment) Krivonosova O.E.
17.07. 14:00 301 Satellite dynamics:marvelous tool for space race newcomers IAM name of .V.Keldysh RAS:Roldygin D.S.
15:00 301 Damping of space structures with large flexible elements IAM name of .V.Keldysh RAS:Nyralieva .B.